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pslam89:1 I will sing of the mercies of the lord for ever. With my mouth, I will make know thy faithfulness to all generations.

The New Generation Singers, hail from Jamaica Queens Ny. This highly energetic gospel singing group is made up of a mother and daughter's team.Three generations of singers who love the lord.The group originally formed in the 1970,s under the leadership of  mother Ellen brewer , .Moving forward into her  ministry ,her daughters decided carried on the legacy of the group.The group has released a new album entitled keep so busy.The group has had the privilege of preforming the title cut  keep so busy'' on the historic Carnegie Hall stage, also in the historic manhatten Town Hall Theater.They have also opened for gospel greats such as J.J.Hairston & Youthful praise , Mary Mary , Rance Allen and pastor Shirley Caesar.The New Generation singers have travelled across the world dinging the gospel of Jesus Christ.Outreach ministry is a major part of there mission as they even minister in the street, singing I New York City train stations , feeding and clothing the homeless.they do more than just sing the gospel they mobilize it purpose.

The New Generation singers are the epitome of a gospel music virtuoso , whose ministry other artist would do well to emulate.     Written by:  Pastor Tim Woodson.